Welcome to Punk Under the Sun

PUNK UNDER THE SUN is the first book to chronicle the alternative music, art, and club scenes of a particularly amazing place and time: South Florida in the 1980s. Comprehensive in scope, the full-color 222-page softcover documents the bands, venues, galleries, and scenesters who set the stage for the Magic City to become the international cultural destination it is today.
         Authors Joey Seeman and Chris Potash were there, participating in and documenting the first, second, and subsequent waves of musicians, indie labels, DJs, record stores, radio stations, publications, and players who came together to create a unique cultural moment and movement in South Florida history. This essential document features nearly 400 never-before-seen photographs plus dozens of fliers, posters, advertisements, stickers, and graphics from the time. It also includes a discography of 1980s albums and singles, and an 11-page index that’s an invaluable Who’s Who of the people and places that forged South Florida’s alternative culture.

         In the 1970s, Miami Beach was a crumbling pastel paradise, gone to seed since its sun ’n’ fun heyday in the 1950s. In the 1980s, even as the boarded-up hotels, grindhouse theaters, and grimy streets served as backdrops for Miami Vice shoots, South Florida—from West Palm to Lauderdale to South Miami—was being transformed by a ferocious creative energy unfolding against a backdrop of racial, economic, and political upheaval as greater Miami emerged as a metropolitan, world-class city.

         Bands like Screaming Sneakers, the Cichlids, Tight Squeeze, the Kids, Charlie Pickett & the Eggs, Critical Mass, the Eat, and the Reactions took the stage alongside national and international punk and New Wave bands who began making the long road trip down the Florida peninsula to play at respected venues such as the Cameo Theater: Ramones, Replacements, Black Flag, Hüsker Dü, Dead Kennedys, and many more.

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